City Chase

We would like to introduce our newest game - City Chase. This is a cops and robbers board game. It is a great strategy game that requires planning ahead and patience. It is the classic chase game, but you will never catch up to the bad guys. You have to outmanuver them anticipating their next move. How much gold can the robber steal before they are caught? Expect to see more of this on our web site soon.

Both Matt and Travis like trains. Travis has a very extensive wooden train and railroad track collection. They both often build layouts in Travis' room (and sometimes also a very helpful 7 year-old sister) and conduct trains around the arraignment of tracks, crossings, and splits. Eventually, they started playing a game of cops and robbers with very similar rules to the current game - you speed up and slow down to outmanuver the other player. One day, Matt suggested reworking their train game into a board game. Travis liked the idea and the game was converted into a road based game - since that is where cops and robbers ride.

Video Tutorial Coming Soon

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