Sizzle Robots Game Company

Welcome to our Game Company!

We are a father and son team (with a little help from a seven year old sister). Currently, we offer 2 great games. They each have a unique and interesting story behind the game.

Mission: Flag Recovery

City Chase Board Game

Available To Purchase:

Always: The Fancy Unicorn, 52 N. Market St., Elizabethtown, PA

Past Events

York First Friday Christmas Tree Lighting Event

Fancy Unicorn Moving Sale

Elizabethtown Rotary Club Talk

Travis was invited to talk about Mission: Flag Recovery at the local chapter of the Rotary Club. He gave a great speach and had a good time.

A local craft fair.

A Mini Gaming Convention in Harrisburg, PA

Travis was invited to talk about his games on the locally produced radio talk show Friday Live Lancaster

Travis was recently features in our local newspaper The Elizabethtown Advocate